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Shu Hakamada

Hello music lovers! I'm Shu Hakamada, a Japanese singer-songwriter born on 1959. I suffered hearing loss in 2006 and was forced to give up my career as a professional musician in my mid-40s. Since then, I had been away from music for over 15 years, but in 2024 I returned with a new passion and a new album.

Music had been my inspiration and driving force since my teens. My musical journey has had its ups and downs, but now in my 60s, I'm amazed and grateful to find myself more filled with love and passion for music than ever before.

I created a new album entirely myself at home, playing, recording, and mixing everything. While it may not be professionally engineered, I poured my heart and soul into these songs. I'd be happy if people who listened to it could feel even a little more positive about life.


NEW ALBUM "Restart"

My musical rebirth is embodied in the album "Restart," which unfolds across diverse melodies and harmonies, ranging from upbeat and bright anthems to introspective ballads.

Themes of love, grief, and hope resonate through these songs, drawing inspiration from the works of legendary musicians like The Beatles, the raw energy of classic old-school rock and roll, the gems of exquisite melodies as epitomized by Motown, and my own life experiences.

After a long hiatus from composing and performing, I even struggled to pick up a guitar again at first. However, fueled by a renewed passion, I invested over a year's worth of effort into crafting "Restart."

This album features all-English lyrics (with 2 bonus Japanese versions) as I reach out to a global audience. Though English isn't my native language, I wrote 9 of the songs myself - a daunting but exhilarating challenge.

"Restart" is a testament to the fact that age is no barrier to pursuing new dreams. I can't wait to share the rekindled musical spirit within me with the world!


Upcoming Songs

The single "I Love The Way," scheduled for release on June 7th, is a heartfelt hymn of gratitude and joy dedicated to a partner who accepts and cherishes you as you are.

Release Schedule:
June 7th, 2024: "I Love The Way"
New songs every two weeks!

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Songs scheduled to be included in New Album "Restart"


I Love The Way
Help Me Out
Everybody Needs Rock'n'Roll
My Life Is Mine
My Life Is Mine(Chinese Ver.)
The Ginkgo Street
Send You All of My Love
Send You All of My Love(Japanese Ver.)
Send You All of My Love(Chinese Ver.)
Losing You
Cat's Great Escape
Cat's Great Escape(Japanese Ver.)